Best Piano Light. Top 10 Best Piano Lamps – 2023


Success in mastering the piano depends primarily on regular practice. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to practice piano during the daytime with good natural lighting.

If you have to study in the evening when there is little or no sunlight, pay attention to the lighting!

Hand-eye coordination is very important for effective training.  If there is not enough light or it is directed incorrectly, it impairs your ability to read music, play music, and even impair your vision.

Light from a ceiling chandelier or standard room lighting or standard desk lamp is completely unsuitable for playing the piano. We must use special piano accessories – special piano lamps, which are designed specifically for reading sheet music and playing the piano.

But what does the best piano light mean? How to choose the right piano lamp? We will answer these questions in this article.

Quick Summary

We have selected the 10 best piano lights for you! We’ll take a closer look at them below and explain why we consider the Cocoweb 19” to be the best piano lamp. Let’s take a look at their features so you can choose the best piano lamp option for your piano.

best piano light cocoweb 19

1Cocoweb 19”Best Overall Piano Lamp
2Cocoweb 22” Grand Piano LampThe Best Option for Grand Pianos
3Boston Harbor ATB-8004The Best Metal Option
4Cocoweb FLED-GPS Piano Floor LampThe Best Floor Lamp for Piano
5Cocoweb 14”Best Small Piano Lamp
6Regency HillBest Cheap Desk Lamp
7Kootek Music Stand LightThe Best Cheap Clip-On Option
8Vekkia Super Bright Music Stand LightThe Best Budget Option
9Lumiens L9Best Budget Clip-On Orchestra LED Lamp
10LightnessBest Battery Life

Best Piano Light. Top 10 Best Piano Lamps

1. Cocoweb 19″ – Best Overall Piano Lamp

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  • Brand – Cocoweb
  • Style – Traditional
  • Special Feature – Instant On, 10-foot black cord with included dimming feature, Does not generate heat or harmful UV rays, Adjustable Light Direction, Pre-Installed LED Array (included)

In our opinion the best piano lamp is Cocoweb 19″. Cocoweb – traditional piano lamps. Lamps Cocoweb is made of solid brass and other metal materials of the highest quality. Cocoweb LED technology greatly improves the energy efficiency of piano lighting and provides light color that resembles natural sunlight. Cocoweb 19” is over 15 inches long. Most piano books are about 15-16 inches when open for playing.

The light also has a color temperature of 2700K, which is reminiscent of natural sunlight, reducing eye strain. Each Cocoweb piano lamp is rolled, polished, buffed, painted, and inspected for maximum quality. No need to replace these LED bulbs within 50,000 hours!

2. Cocoweb 22” Grand Piano Lamp – The Best Option for Grand Pianos

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  • Brand – Cocoweb
  • Style – Traditional
  • Special Feature – Shatter resistant, Instant On, Dimmable, Adjustable Clamp, AC Adapter (Optional for Plug-in), Remote Control Receiver

Best piano lamp for grand piano – Cocoweb 22″.Professional pianists who play the grand piano need a special grand piano lamp designed for this purpose. Cocoweb 22” would be the best grand piano light option. It is designed specifically for attaching to the grand piano and has convenient mounting and control. This is a great investment for pthe rofessional musician.

Cocoweb 22” is a premium grand piano lamp. It gives the best piano lighting in a classical style. The lamp is handcrafted from the finest wear-resistant materials. The lamp has a rich, elegant finish and fits well with all grand pianos.

It’s a led grand piano lamp. Cocoweb luminaires come with an integrated LED array (bulb) that provides over 50,000 hours of light (20 years of average use). Comes with a rechargeable external battery. The kit comes with remote control with which you can change the lighting modes and set the timer.

You can adjust the height of the lamp by 7 inches with the screw on the back of the clamp. This will give you enough space when flipping through the pages of sheet music.

3. Boston Harbor ATB-8004 – The Best Metal Option

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  • Brand – Boston Harbor
  • Style – Modern
  • Special Feature – Rotary lamp holder on/off switch, metal shade, CULus listed, 14-1/2″ overall height, round base

If you’re looking for a piano desk lamp, take a look at the ATB-8004 from Boston Harbor. This is a beautiful metal table lamp that combines modern and antique styles.

The luminaire has a beautiful satin nickel finish. Looks great on a classic wooden acoustic upright piano. This is a desk lamp. You can use it not only for playing but also as a regular reading or writing lamp.

The lamp has a swivel adjustable arm, and a 40 W LED lamp. Has a round base and metal construction with a satin nickel finish.

4. Cocoweb FLED-GPS Piano Floor Lamp– The Best Floor Lamp for Pianos

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  • Brand – Cocoweb
  • Style – Traditional
  • Special Feature – Full Stainless Steel Frame, Two Points of Adjustability, Pre-Installed LED Bulb, Included Brightness Dimmer

If you need floor lamps – this option is for you. Another favorite of ours is the Cocoweb FLED-GPS dimmable floor lamp. This Cocoweb FLED-GPS lamp is made from the finest materials. The lamp is dimmable. You can adjust the light that best suits you.

The base of the lamp is covered with felt. This allows you to place it on any surface without scratching or leaving marks on the floor.

The lamp has an elegant design and will decorate any room. It fits a digital piano, upright piano, and grand piano. All Cocoweb lamps feature a long-lasting LED system providing over 50,000 hours of light per bulb.

This lamp is ideal if you want the best quality piano floor lamps.

5. Cocoweb 14” – Best Small Piano Lamp

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  • Brand – Cocoweb
  • Style – Traditional
  • Special Feature – Long Corded Adapter, Instant On, Adjustable Shade, Pre-Installed LED strip with 12 diodes, Dimmer Included

Consider another Cocoweb 14″ lamp. Like other piano lights of this brand, it has very good quality. Despite its compact size, this piano lamp gives off a large amount of light that covers all the keys of the piano.

The lamp has a flexible “gooseneck” that helps to adjust the lamp in the direction you need.

The lamp comes with a 10ft wire adapter, dimmer and pre-installed strips. Like other Cocoweb luminaires, the dumps come with a built-in LED array of 14 LED bulbs that provide over 50,000 hours of light.

6. Regency Hill – Best Cheap Desk Lamp

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  • Brand – Regency Hill
  • Style – Traditional
  • Special Feature – Adjustable, metal shade, wireless, antique style

Regency Hill – piano desk lamp. It can provide enough light to read sheet music easily. This piano lamp is made in a beautiful old style and will decorate any room. It can be used on the piano or home office desk. It is ideal for upright pianos.

 It is 12″ high and has a cylindrical base measuring 6″ wide. It features a 10 1/2” extension and a 9 1/2” wide shade. The lamp has a metal construction and a brass finish. She weighs 5.5 pounds. This is one of the heaviest models.

It generates 40W of light using a T10 bulb. This light is sufficient for reading music and playing the piano, but the bulb itself requires regular replacement, unlike LED lamps.

7. Kootek Music Stand Light – The Best Clip-On Option

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  • Brand – Kootek
  • Style – Simple
  • Special Feature – Adjustable, 10 bright LEDs, AC adapter, and USB cord included

If you are looking for a compact and budget option, take a look at the Kootek Music Stand Light. This is a small clip light fixture that fits both the piano and the console with sheet music for other instruments.

It’s also a led piano light. This piano lamp uses 10 LED lights (bulbs) with a power of 6 watts. This lamp is battery-operated.

Kootek Music Stand Lights are commonly used by musicians in an orchestra to illuminate their notes, especially when playing in the dark.

There are 2 levels of brightness adjustment. Kootek is fixed on the music rest with a clip with a soft lining to protect the surface from scratches.

8. Vekkia Super Bright Music Stand Light – The Best Budget Option

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  • Brand – Vekkia
  • Style – Simple
  • Special Feature – 3 color temperatures, 3 brightness levels, battery powered

This lamp model is similar to the previous one but has more LED bulbs and a slightly larger size.

Vekkie Super Bright Music Stand Light is a great led piano lamp for any musician. The model is attached with a clip, which allows you to use it on almost any piano and not only. It can be installed on any musical stand with notes and used, for example, in an orchestra.

The lamp has 3 color temperatures: 3000K warm / 6500K white / 4200 mixed, and 3 brightness levels: each color has low/medium/high brightness.

This is an LED lamp with 19 different bulbs. This allows up to four pages to be illuminated at once, greatly reducing the need for frequent page turning. The lamp runs on batteries, which means you will not depend on a power source and can even use it outdoors.

9. Lumiens L9 – Best Budget Clip-On Orchestra LED Lamp

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  • Brand – Lumiens
  • Style – Simple
  • Special Feature – ‎3 AA batteries required (included), 9 LED lights, 2 levels of adjusted brightness

Let’s look at another budget version of the universal lamp, which is suitable for both piano and orchestra. Lumiens L9 music stand light clip provides an even distribution of light from 9 LED bulbs. Has two brightness settings.

The lamp is fastened with a clip and has an adjustable neck. The lamp is powered by 3 rechargeable AA batteries, the charge of which is enough for 20 hours of operation.

The lamp can be recharged with a 78″ power cord. The clip has a silicone pad that protects the piano from scratches.

10. Lightess – Best Battery Life

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  • Brand – Lightess
  • Style – Simple
  • Special Feature – ‎ Clip-On Music Stand LED Light, two brightness levels, 3 x AA Batteries (Not included), Or AC Adapter (110-240V) Or USB

This is another lightweight and versatile inexpensive piano lamp. It has 9 LEDs and provides good illumination. Suitable for both piano and orchestra. The lamp is fixed with a clip and has a long “gooseneck“, which provides the possibility of adjusting the light.

The lamp is battery-operated, but it also has a USB cable. Like all cheap lamps, it lacks durability and brightness, and light temperature adjustments. Nevertheless, this is a good option if you need a cheap lamp.


Types of piano lamps

Piano lamps are special lamps designed to illuminate the music stands with sheet music and piano keyboards with all piano keys. They help pianists read sheet music and play in rooms with insufficient or incorrect lighting.

There are several different types of piano lamps. They differ in size, mounting methods, power sources, and style. You must choose the type that best suits your piano. For a digital piano and a grand piano, the piano lamps must be different.

For example, a clip-on lamp is best for a small keyboard on a small electronic or digital pianos, a desk style lamp can be used for an acoustic upright piano, and a special grand piano lamp Cocoweb 22″ is best for grand pianos.

Piano floor lamp

These are large piano lamps that can be placed on the floor to the left or right of the piano. Usually, they have a round base and a highly adjustable stand. They look beautiful in the interior.

Desk style piano lamp

Desk piano lamps are placed on top of the piano. They won’t fit all pianos. Usually, they have a beautiful design. These piano lamps are universal – you can use them not only for the piano but also while working at the office desk.

Clip-on style lamps

Piano lamps with clip-on fastening directly to piano sheet music. They take up little space but provide uniform illumination of up to 4 pages of sheet music. They can run on electricity or batteries. Such lamps are presented in different price categories – from the cheapest to the premium class.

LED piano lamps

Most lamps use LED bulbs that are placed in tubes to illuminate the keys and notes. They are more elegant and less bulky than other types of piano lamps. You can rarely find lamps with halogen bulbs. Led piano lamp has minimal heat.

LED lights bulbs are very durable, they can last up to 50,000 hours before you have to replace them.

Cordless battery-operated piano lamps

Many consumable lamps are powered by rechargeable batteries. This is very convenient when playing outdoors or in a large hall when there is no electricity near the piano. These lamps are very light, portable, and take up very little space.



What is a piano lamp?

A piano lamp is a very important accessory for music lessons or performances. This is a special light source that provides the correct illumination of the keyboard and piano sheets.

Do you need a piano light?

Playing the piano requires daily practice. At the same time, you need to always coordinate reading notes and hand movements.

Not only your hands but also your eyes are always in suspense. Therefore, it is very important to provide yourself with the right lighting. The piano lamp will help you not only read notes with ease even in the evening or at night but also remove the extra load from your eyes.

What should I look for in a piano light?

First, pay attention to the type of attachment. Each type of piano is suitable for a specific type of mount. The second important point is the quantity and quality of light bulbs. The more light bulbs, the more pages can be lit at the same time. Also, an important point is the presence of adjustable settings for heat and brightness of the light.

Can I put a lamp on my piano?

Yes, of course! Take a closer look at table models of piano lamps. This is a very good option if you have enough space on the piano. Another option is a clip-on piano lamp. They are universal and suitable for all types of pianos.

How tall should piano lamps be?

It depends on what type of piano lamp you have chosen. Piano desk style lamps are usually 10 to 12 inches high.

If you want a tall floor lamp, you want them to be between 58 and 64 inches.

pianolight scaled

Conclusion – Top Rated Piano Lights

We have come to the end of our article. We went over a list of the top 10 piano lighting options of the best piano lamps. We have selected for you a wide variety of options so that you can familiarize yourself with them and choose the best piano lamps option based on your desires and needs.

Our favorite is a great lamp Сoсoveb 19″. This is the best option for quality piano lamps. Despite not having the lowest price, it is of the highest quality, flexible settings, and beautiful design. Suitable for most types of pianos.

But I want to emphasize once again that each of the options, from the cheapest to the most expensive, has its advantages. I am sure that you will be able to find the option that will be the best for you!

Piano lamps are an important accessory not only for the convenience of playing the piano but also for our health. Don’t neglect this important accessory! Every professional musician knows – taking care of yourself, and playing in good light will ensure that you enjoy your activities without risking your eyesight.

I hope this article was helpful to you. I wish you good inspiring piano lessons and performances!

Best regards, your Lucy.

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