How Much Are Piano And a Digital Piano?

How much a piano

How much are piano, grand piano, and a digital piano?

It’s an exciting experience to choose a musical instrument. It can be very difficult depending on what type of instrument you are looking for and the available options. Because there are so many variations in piano world, it is one of the most difficult instruments to purchase.

How much does a piano really cost? An upright piano costs between $3000 – $6500 on average. The highest-end upright pianos cost between $10,000 and $25,000.

Grand pianos starting at $7000 to 30K are also available. Grand pianos of high quality such as Steinway&Sons and Bosendorfer can be purchased for between $65,000 and $190,000. Yep, the cost of a small house or apartment!

The cost of a piano is affected by its brand, materials, labour and current piano market.

Different types of piano

Generally, there are three types of piano: Acoustic Grand Piano, Acoustic Upright Piano and Digital Piano.

The basic style is the first thing that will impact an acoustic piano’s cost. Because of their unique design, grand pianos tend to be more expensive than uprights. Grand pianos can be larger than upright pianos, and they require more labour and materials to make, rather than upright pianos. These factors alone indicate a higher price.

Digital pianos cost. What Should I Expect to Spend?

Although pianists prefer to use an acoustic instrument for their sound, digital pianos are quite useful. They can be used for recording and performance, and are in many ways easier to handle. They absolutely can not replace acoustic sound but they do have the ability to mimic acoustic instruments in sound and feel.

Presently, electric is synonymous with digital. This means you can record and upload your music for other people to hear. Your music can also be saved forever courtesy of the internet.

how much is a digital piano

It’s also a great way for classical music lovers to get new life. Amateur or professional, classical lovers can upload their music directly to SoundCloud. This allows them to stream and listen wherever they are.

It’s a good idea to get an electronic or digital piano if you are just a beginner as they are usually less expensive than acoustic instruments. These keyboards are significantly cheaper than acoustic pianos and provide a great introduction to the instrument at an affordable price. Digital keyboards typically start at $300 and go up from there.

Here you can find Top-10 best models under 1000$.

Because of the lower cost of an electric keyboard, parents often choose the easiest method to start with digital keyboards. They are not supposed to look fake, however. Many brands make electric keyboards that mimic the sounds of pianos.

Advanced players can also enjoy electric pianos due to technological advances. The keys number and the actions of an electric piano are key factors.

There are some benefits of going electronic

These instruments often offer some advantages that aren’t available to an acoustic musician.

You can plug your headphones into an electric instrument if you’re just learning how to play the piano. You can practice all by yourself, without worrying about annoying your neighbours or family with your mistakes. They can also be turned down for the same reason.

An electric piano is typically smaller than its acoustic counterpart, so it may be easier to fit in your bedroom, living/dining room or even a  kitchen.

You can get different sound effects and backing tracks with the electronic keyboard. If you are familiar with a metronome, there is an option to buid that into your keyboard piano.

Digital piano is easy to transport, some models could even be taken apart. Although this is not the case for the baby grand and grand piano models, it is possible to get an electric keyboard to carry around when you go to parties or busking.

A little clarification

Some people might say “electric piano” while others may say “keyboard”. It might sound the same. They are not.

An electric piano is a piano that reproduces the sound of an acoustic instrument but has the added benefit of electric amplification (volume, size and price).

However, a keyboard is something that looks like a piano but can produce many sound options: it can mimic different instruments.

You will need to feel the keys if you are just beginning. However, a piano teacher will probably have an upright or baby grand piano at their home or school. The practice of feeling the ivory and ebony can be done here. You can then purchase an electric keyboard or piano for home practice.

how to practice piano

It is a good idea to start with something that won’t cost too much. Many people take piano lessons without realizing how far they can go with their studies and playing. It is important to find the right balance between quality and price before you commit. This can also be a reason to buy a second-hand instrument.

These are often interchangeable at the lower end of the electric piano budget. The instruments get more complex as you become more proficient. Experienced players will require more precise specific features from their instruments. Budget instruments on the other side are designed to be versatile so that they can please as many beginners as possible.

What will it cost me?

An electronic cheapest piano costs you almost nothing or not a lot.

You can purchase entry-level electronic keyboards with price ranges of around $50. These aren’t the best keyboards you will ever play, but they can be a great option for those who don’t want to commit to playing the piano. These keyboards often come with starter packs, which include headphones, a keyboard and stands.

You can choose a stronger option for beginners, which is available from well-respected piano manufacturers.  These can cost anything between $100-400 and have many benefits. They will mimic the sound and weight of an acoustic piano, and will not be subject to technical faults. You won’t have to pay for removals to move the piano or for a piano tuner.

Models that resemble an acoustic piano will be found in the top-end range. You would feel like you’re playing an acoustic instrument.

The price of an electric piano is determined largely by the combination of sound quality and feel. They will come with different features such as USB ports, portability, recording capabilities, and more. The pricing guide is between two and ten thousand dollars and is highly recommended for entry-level.

Acoustic piano cost

It is a big commitment to purchase an acoustic keyboard piano. It is expensive and also difficult to transport. However, an acoustic keyboard is a great option if you feel you have the financial means to purchase one.

how much is a piano

Acoustic pianos are beautiful and sound great, especially if you’re playing classical or jazz music. You should practice on a real piano if you play in concert halls. If you are just starting learning how to play the piano, that might be not an option to get your very first one an upright or grand piano.

The Benefits of Acoustic

They are stunning. So many people are splashing the cash to buy acoustic pianos because these are fantastic pieces of posh furniture. They are beautiful and can give your home an instant WOW factor.

For an actual performer, acoustic pianos are an excellent choice. Electric piano cannot replicate the sound quality, natural volume and tone of an acoustic. There is no competition if you’re committed to creating beautiful music on your keyboard.

You don’t have much choice if you are a serious professional musician and planning to perform in concert halls.

Some Different Types of Acoustic Piano

Upright Pianos

You probably know most of the basics about the piano if you were a college student or music teacher.

The piano is much smaller than a grand piano because of the vertical string arrangement, while upright pianos are easier to use. An upright piano that is 60 inches tall can be called a “professional upright piano”. Professional uprights have identical strings to grand pianos.

There are many sizes of upright pianos, each with a unique name. A spinet piano is a smaller option, although these instruments are not always the best quality.

This likely is what you’ll practice with your piano teacher. Because it’s small and portable, you can feel the resonance and timbre of the instrument without having to fill the whole space.

An acoustic upright is an option if the student is serious about the instrument. While upright pianos can be purchased for as low as $3000 on the new market, they are much more affordable when you look at the used market.

console piano vs upright

The consoles are the next largest and come with a huge quality boost from the spinet. They are also not very expensive.

Studio and full-size uprights are the best. The full-size uprights have the same range as a baby grand piano, but they take up less space.

The Grand Piano

Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco, a famous Italian musical instruments inventor and piano maker made the grand piano for the very first time on display in 1750. Many things have changed since then.

You might not realize it, but the term “grand” does not refer only to vertical instruments. The Grand Piano has developed horizontally in recent years, whereas upright pianos aren’t always considered grand.

Grand pianos can be considered acoustic pianos, just like upright pianos with all their variations.

grand piano yamaha

You probably won’t be looking to purchase a grand piano, unless your venue is required to be equipped with them. While grand pianos aren’t necessarily in the minds of some consumers, their price and size can often be prohibitive for average consumers.

Grand pianos would be a good choice for advanced to intermediate students who are serious about their music. A low-quality grand piano will play differently from a higher-quality one. Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawaii and Steinway&Sons are the brands you need to look into.

A baby grand is approximately five feet tall, while a concert grand can be more than ten feet. The latter can be a bit tricky to keep in your home, and even more expensive.

Style – Grand or Upright


The basic design is the most important factor in determining the price of an acoustic keyboard. What is the difference between upright pianos range and grand pianos?

Because of its unique structure, a grand piano can be more expensive than an upright one and costs more than in labour and materials. This alone can translate into much higher costs.

Parlour Grand

The “Parlor Grand” is the middle ground for a grand piano, which is usually described as a “grand”. They can measure up to 7 feet and thus are suitable for big rooms in homes, moderately sized rehearsal areas and even large recital rooms.

One well-built grand piano has an excellent combination of a resonating sound (although not nearly as large as the Concert grands) and an extremely large, but not overpowering dimension. The small grand also captures many benefits as the concert grand but is easier to play than the large piano.

Factors that Affect Piano Price ranges

It is important to know the factors that influence the price of any piano before you buy it. It’s easier to go into a piano shop or private seller and buy an instrument. You need to understand how marketing and branding affect the overall cost.

Piano Brands

The label name is important, just like any product, so the same applies to the piano industry, where branding is a key component of an instrument’s reputation.

Certain great piano manufacturers are associated with a certain level of craftsmanship, high-quality materials, additional features and performance. Prices for some types of the piano will be more expensive than others, regardless of age or condition.

Each piano must be viewed individually because each one has its individual history.

You have no choice, but to obtain a complete history of any repairs done to the instrument before you make a purchase. A sign that the instrument is worth less than its asking price is when it has been frequent repairs or had to have some work done.

A piano that is being sold second-hand or by auction may be worth several thousand more than a piano purchased new. This is due to the fact that the piano’s label might not be as prominent. 

grand piano fazioli

Steinway&Sons and Yamaha Disklavier are two of the most prestigious and good piano brands. They control a large portion of the market, and their instruments are often more expensive than others.

They also have artist programs, endorsement agreements with top performing arts centres, as well as exclusive contracts.

There are also brands like Young Chang, Nordiska and Baldwin that sell at a lower price. The instruments are not as high quality as the larger brands. This includes how they are constructed, the materials used, the sound quality, and the overall appearance and finish.

Age and condition

A large part of the final price of a piano is determined by its age and condition. The piano’s age and condition will determine how expensive it will end up being. The condition of the piano will play a significant role in the final cost.

It will be cheaper to purchase pianos that have not been properly maintained, require extensive repairs, or don’t work at all. You, the buyer, would need to estimate the cost of restoring the instrument to its original condition. 

upright piano old

Avoid used pianos that require extensive reconstructive work. It will be more expensive to repair pianos in such poor condition than it would cost to buy new ones. A thorough inspection before you buy an old piano can save you headaches later

Although it is possible to buy a poor piano for as low as $5000, repairs could cost more than $15,000. It would be more sensible to buy a new instrument at $20,000 in such cases.

A used piano that needs minor repairs or is in good condition will be more expensive than a new one. Even though older pianos are often more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are less expensive, especially when you deal with larger brands such as Steinway, Fazioli and Bosendorfer.

Related Questions and Buyer Tips

Is it worth buying a baby grand piano?

Baby grand pianos can be a more affordable option than larger grand pianos. Baby grand pianos can be an upgrade to upright pianos, but they aren’t considered significant. These pianos provide advanced piano playing with the right hammer action.

Is it advisable to buy a piano that is 25 years old? 

Pianos that age should not be purchased without an inspection as it is more likely to be damaged and worn. An older piano, however,  will always perform better. They are considered the best.

How do you inspect a used piano? 

You should inspect used pianos for missing or broken parts, rusting, and genuine components. A piano technician can verify that the instrument is in good condition. The technician can alert the buyer of any possible problems that may arise in the future.
As with any instrument, pianos will increase in cost as you upgrade to a professional model.

How much does a piano cost for a beginner?

Digital pianos can be absolutely affordable. While digital pianos can be purchased for around $100 to $200, it is much cheaper than an upright.

How much is an affordable piano?

An acoustic upright pianos start from a few thousand dollars to $8,000. Grand Pianos can be purchased for $6k-10k.

Is it worth buying a piano?

How does a pianist make money long-term? Grand pianos are well worth the investment. The grand piano offers a better playing experience than digital keyboards or upright keyboards. It is made from stronger materials that provide superior sound performance and stability over time.



Brand New or Used

Pianos are not like stringed instruments, such as cellos and violins. They do not get better with age. Pianos are percussive instruments that can withstand string pressures up to $10K. Most pianos are primarily made of wood and are susceptible to seasonal or climatic fluctuations. The musical quality of a piano is more important than its age.

The useful life of any real piano will depend on its design, craftsmanship, or materials. Handmade pianos are usually the most valuable used instruments. However, condition and musical quality are the main determinants of its value.

A well-maintained used Handmade Piano that is less than 30 years of age can be valued at 70 to 80% of the price of a comparable new piano. Production with a life expectancy of less than 10 or 15 years can also be valued.

Economy/Stencil pianos are often in rapid decline and don’t have the same value as other instruments.

There are various factors that can affect a used piano, including its age, condition, use/wear, and replaced components.

Is it worth buying a used piano?

You might consider second-hand pianos if you are serious about buying an acoustic keyboard. When purchasing an old piano, be careful. You should inspect every inch of the instrument and consider vertical ones over grand if you have limited space.

You can also check second-hand instruments on the classified site “Piano for Sale”. Pay attention to the soundboard, keys and pedals.

A lot of piano dealers will also sell second-hand instruments. These instruments are often quality guaranteed and have been inspected for damage.

Additional costs

After you have found the perfect first piano, it is time to budget and consider additional costs.

  • You will need to hire piano movers if you decide to buy an acoustic keyboard.
  • A piano teacher for piano lessons.
  • A piano tuner is needed at least twice per year. Professional piano tuning is not cheap.
  • Downloading sheet music for a particular piece.
  • You should cover an acoustic instrument if you want to protect it from dust and other particles that could affect its sound quality.


Is a piano really that expensive?

Yes, in short. Both economically and mentally as well as in terms of time.

You can still enjoy playing the piano as a pastime. This means that even though there are “costs”, you can still find good reasons to practice.

It is important to consider all options and talk with people before you make your mind up.

You’ll forget about all these costs once you take the plunge and start to enjoy playing your piano.

Best regards, your Lucy.

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