How Tall is a Piano Bench?

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The piano is a very large musical instrument and we play it while sitting on a stool. You may have noticed that there are many different options for piano stools. They are also called benches. Most modern benches are height adjustable. And, probably, you have a question – How tall is a piano bench? How high should I sit at the piano?

Let’s find out what types of piano stools are, how tall a piano bench should be and how to sit correctly.

Types of Piano Seats

There are three types of piano seats: chair, non-adjustable bench, and height-adjustable bench.


glenn gould

Plain old chair. So the world-famous brilliant Canadian pianist of the 20th century Glenn Gould sat at the piano. He liked to sit very low. This option of sitting at the piano is very individual and not at all suitable for students and even professional pianists. For many pianists, this low seating position will be uncomfortable. Therefore, we strongly discourage the use of office chairs.

Piano Stool or Piano Bench

A dedicated piano stool or bench is exactly what you need to play music. Please note that there are two types of piano benches – non-adjustable in height and adjustable.

how tall is a piano bench

Non-adjustable upright piano bench can be very beautiful in design, especially if you have an antique spinet or console instrument. But these benches are completely uncomfortable! They can be purchased only if for you the piano is just a part of the interior and not a musical instrument that you regularly play. Imagine that you are driving a car with a low chair without the ability to adjust the seat, it is absolutely impossible.

Adjustable seats are the best, most comfortable and correct option. They are also available in stores in a wide variety of designs, colors, and prices. So you can choose the best adjustable one for all your needs.

How Tall is a Piano Bench?

How high can average piano bench be? What are the dimensions of the benches?

The standard piano bench height is 19″ inches or 50 centimeters. Most standard piano benches are adjustable from 18″ to 22” and sometimes up to 24″ inches. The standard bench width is 23-30 inches or 55-76 centimeters. Grand piano bench has the same size.

The required height depends on two factors – the height and build of the pianist and the height of the piano keyboard from the floor.

pneumatic bench

How High Off The Floor Should A Piano Keyboard Be?

To find out how high the keyboard is from the floor, you need to measure the distance from the floor to the top of the white keys.  The standard height for upright pianos – is 29.5 inches or 75 centimeters but varies from 27.5 to 30in (70 to 76cm). It depends on the type of pianos and the materials used. For example, the Steinway grand piano is 28 inches (71 cm) high from the floor to the top of the white keys.

What Is The Normal Height For A Piano Bench?

Upright pianos range in height from 36″ to 52″. All of them fit a standard upright piano bench with a width of 30 and a height of 19 inches with the ability to adjust.

What Is The Best Height For A Piano Stool?

The best height is the proper height that will allow you to sit properly at the musical instrument, with the right position of the feet, hands, and elbows. Below we will look at the features of the correct seating at the piano.

Quick Tips For Adjusting Your Bench Height

I have three simple tips for beginners on how to quickly adjust the bench height at any music instrument, such as in a music studio or concert hall, before a performance.

  1. Feeling of the knees. Once you have adjusted the stool to the correct height in your home, walk up to it and touch your knees to the bench. Remember the point on your knees where the top of the bench is. Soon you will be able to approach your new seat in exactly the same way and easily adjust its height.
  2. Tape use. Take a tape and measure the distance between the keyboard and the top of the bench. In the same way, you can check this distance on other instruments and quickly adjust the seat.
  3. Turnover count. The last way is a little more difficult. You need to lower the bench to the lower position at home, and then adjust it to the desired exact height and count the number of rotations. Remember this amount! Similarly, you can adjust any other bench just by counting the same amount of turns.

How To Sit Correctly At The Piano?  4 Important Rules For Beginner Pianists

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper seating. Proper hand placement, freedom in the elbows, correct posture, and correct foot placement play a big role in your playing the piano and even affect your health! When playing the piano, many parts of our body work as a whole. And it is important to monitor the correct position of each of them.

how to sit at the piano


The first is your hands. Place your hands free on the keyboard of your musical instrument in the ready-to-play position. Now it does not matter if you are sitting at the grand piano, acoustic or digital instrument. The position of the hands on the keyboard is always the same.

Look at your elbows and forearms. Elbows should not be pressed against the body, they should be slightly oriented to the sides. Your hands and elbows should be at the same height. It is wrong if the hands are much lower or higher than the elbows. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor.

Beginners also often bend up their wrists. Try not to do this, the wrists should be on the same level with the hand and forearm. Also, watch your shoulders. You don’t need to lift them. The shoulders should be free, and the upper arm should be free to descend from the shoulder.


The second is your posture. Most beginning students slouch very heavily at the pianos. You don’t have to lean or slouch when you’re sitting at the piano, but you also don’t have to be too straight. First of all, you must be comfortable. Your feet should be firmly planted on the ground in front of the piano’s pedals. If younger students are sitting at the musical instrument and their feet do not reach the floor, you need to use a special footrest. You must sit high enough.

Place Feet Flat on the Floor

I want you to pay attention to your legs and feet. The stability and comfort of your seating at the piano depend on the position of the legs. Your thighs should be approximately parallel to the ground. Place your feet in front of the pedals. In this position, you should sit firmly and your body weight should be slightly forward on your feet.


Where To Sit On Piano Benches?

The distance from the instrument is just as important as the height. You must be at the perfect height and in the best position to play the keyboard Even if you adjust the height perfectly, but the distance is too small or, on the contrary, too large, you will not be comfortable.

How to understand that you are sitting too close? In this case, your arms and shoulders will be in tension. If your shoulders feel shrugged, they are high, your forearms are close to your body, and your elbows are back, then you are sitting too close.

How do you know if you are sitting too far away? In this case, you will have to lean forward, it will be difficult to reach the keys in the upper and lower registers of the piano. This negatively affects the technique, finger speed, note accuracy, and correctness of movements.

How to sit at the musical instrument correctly? First, sit only on the front half of the bench. Make sure your feet are planted firmly in front of the pedals, knees bent at about a right angle or more. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor and your elbows should be free. You should be comfortable and stable while sitting at the piano. The right height helps the pianist achieve beautiful playing and good sound.


How long is a typical piano bench?

There are two types of benches – for solos and for duets. The standard piano bench is 22 to 30 inches wide, while the duet bone is 33 to 35 inches long.

What is the depth of a piano bench?

A standard piano bench is about 13 inches or 33 centimeters deep. The standard piano bench height is 19″ inches or 50 centimeters.

What is the bench for a piano called?

This stool is commonly referred to as a piano bench. Longer seats designed for duets are called “duet bench”.

What makes a good piano bench?

A good seat should first of all be adjustable. You should be comfortably and steadily at the musical instrument. Some benches also have storage space inside where you can store sheet music or notebooks.

Final Words

Proper posture and proper height of seat are very important for both performing on stage and for your daily music practice. With the right position at the instrument, your daily music practice will be more effective. A good bench will help you perform all movements more correctly and get less tired from long sessions.

Be sure to learn how to sit correctly at your instrument and get a good stool. This is important for both beginners and those who have been learning to play the piano for a long time. Believe me, with a good bench, your lessons will become more productive and more enjoyable.

Remember, a good seat, like the right lighting, is important not only for comfort but also for your health!

I wish you inspirational, joyful, and productive lessons. If you still have questions about benches, feel free to ask them in the comments, I will definitely answer you!

Best regards, your Lucy.

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