How to Become a Piano Teacher?

Playing piano is such a great skill, which impacts not only motor abilities but also the student’s brain development and the growth of IQ score as well. Therefore, so many people and their children learn music theory, get a degree in music area or just play the piano.

How to become a piano teacher?

In this article, I will discover the tips for becoming a piano teacher and introduce you to the basics of piano skills, teaching skills, and a degree in music that you have to get to teach the piano.

Hence, follow the reading of this piano teaching guidance to know how to become a piano teacher, increase your income and find new students!

What Does A Piano Teacher Do?

First of all, in the beginning, I would like to say if you are confused about the question of how to become a piano teacher.

You must remember: piano teachers are responsible for helping the student to learn the piano through explanations and demonstrating and tracking the progress.

Believe me, as the piano instructor and pianist: our job is very responsible. A piano teacher must make plans for the lessons, prepare the materials, compose the assignments and complete the myriad of requirements:

  • Present the up-to-date innovations in piano playing, the useful literature, and essentials from the piano conferences (for instance, The World Piano Conference or Piano Congress).
  • Develop a personal curriculum for each student which will satisfy their intellectual interests and scientific curiosity.
  • Plan and apportion the info of the coming recitals, events, and other sorts of piano intellectual communication.
  • Assist with preparations for piano exams and competitions.
  • Join the group classes of and for teaching piano.
  • Communicate with advanced students on the topics of globalization, art, economics, history, high science, etc.

Establish Why You Want To Become A Piano Teacher

After you have read the requirements, you should establish if you are sure about becoming a piano teacher and the reason for it. So, there are lots of variations why people want to become piano teachers:

  • The first group (or the future piano teacher) wants to share the learned music theory and teach it to others to get stable and additional income.
  • The second group (let’s call them “piano enthusiasts”) is inspired to make the next generation of talented composers and pianists.

Despite the reason, keep in mind that it’s absolutely nonsense to do that you have no desire to do. Just take some time to think about what the “piano teacher” means to you. Is it as important as you thought before? Why? May there be any other deal worth your time and energy?

If your verdict is something from the sort of “To be a piano teacher is my credo!” it’s time to start certifying to become a piano teacher!

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How To Become A Better Piano Teacher?

As soon as you walked on the path of piano teaching you must consider ways to become better and better. Such activity helps not only your professional skill but your lessons and student experience as well.

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Hence, I prepared for you tips to pay attention to and become a better piano teacher. Below mentioned I tried it in my personal experience and I ensure it’s 100% efficiency. So, follow the reading to know more about becoming the best piano teacher!

Focus On Lesson Planning

LEsson planning

The first tip from me: focus on lesson planning. I know that it takes a durable period, however, it also makes the lessons much more productive and full of efficient instruction that, no doubt, makes the piano lessons very interesting and improves the piano skills of a student.

I am familiar with some piano teachers, who were sure that lesson planning is just a waste of time. In their open lessons, I also admitted that they don’t keep on time at all.

When you compose the personal plan, remember to find time for warmups, repertoire, more reading, rhythm practice, etc.

Pay attention that the usage of the laptop or PC during the lessons allows you to make corrections to the lesson plan and assignments in real-time.

Always Keep Piano Lessons Interesting

Always Keep Piano Lessons Interesting

The task of absolutely every teacher is to keep the lesson interested to hold the attention of the student on the material. Especially this aspect is for piano teachers who deal with very young piano students.

Many of my students said to me that the one thing that they don’t like in many piano schools is the learning of classic music. Therefore, I decided to integrate into our lessons some paper-printed games and change the repertoire regularly from classic to something modern.

Therefore, I also advise you to change the repertoire on mix it. The Disney tunes and pop arrangements are the most adored by my kids!

Evaluate Your Teaching

Evaluate Your Teaching

Just never get complacent with your piano teacher! I assure you that to us (teachers) it’s very important to evaluate the teaching to become better and better.

Some teachers will find the records o their lessons useful. Just turn on the recorder at least once a month and then watch or listen to it. Such activity helps to find out the pros and cons of the lesson and then make corrections in your plan and become the best piano teacher ever!

By the way, if you have tried all the possible methods but your student is still uninterested, you should change the tactic and change the language. Each student is an individualist, so, you have to find an individual tongue for everybody!

Piano Teacher Education

how to teach piano to kids

Some decades ago to become a piano teacher you needed only the desire. Nowadays, it’s impossible to start piano teaching and be a reliable and good teacher without having an education.

In this day and age, almost everybody requires certification in music education. Lots of colleges propose to get the such document in 4 years. However, as the practice shows, it’s enough to have any other document as a confirmation of your knowledge of music theory, performances, or even pedagogy.

The last one will be useful for the faces, who are dreaming about a career as a teaching expert. Performance degrees or the basics of a bachelor’s degree stills work fine.

Piano Teacher Majors

Piano Teacher Majors

The quantity of potential piano students grows day by day, therefore, the demand for piano teachers grows as well. However, do you know that there are lots of careers for people with a musical degree?

As the experience shows, most specialists, who were connected with music or teaching worked as music teachers, and accompanists before getting the piano teaching diploma.

Nonetheless, after getting this certificate, the number of professional pianists, composers, and accompanists rapidly grew as well as the number of piano professors. Among the graduated students, you can also meet lots of internships and music directors.

Piano Teacher Degrees

Piano Teacher Degrees

The statistic presents the percentage of degree, that most piano teachers have:

  • License: 0,1%.
  • Certification: 1,1%:
    • NCTM or Nationally Certified Teacher Of Music.
    • RPT or Registered Piano Technician.
    • MCE or Microsoft Certified Educator.
    • MT-BC or Music Therapists – Board Certified.
  • Doctorate: 1,2%.
  • Diploma: 1,9%.
  • High School Diploma: 5%.
  • Associate: 8,2%.
  • Masters: 13,7%.
  • Bachelors: 68,8%.
  • From the aforementioned, we can conclude that most piano teachers are the owners of a bachelor, master, or associate degree.
  • Also, 45% of them connect their living with music, and the other 55% with general education & its specific areas, psychology, business, and other areas.

Top Skills For A Piano Teacher

Top Skills For A Piano Teacher

Speaking about the skills of piano teachers, let’s start with the technical ones.

First of all, piano teachers have to be able in making lesson plans to spend the specified time with students efficiently and progressively.

Secondly, the piano teacher has to compose the music program and choose the compositions for the repertoire (remember to change it from time to time). The vital parts of each lesson are ear training and special education, which is orientated on getting additional explanations.

Professional music teachers also have to work productively with all age groups. They should also pay attention to the records of the lesson and its analysis.

Top Skills For A Piano Teacher

Besides, responsibility, stress resistance, and tactfulness are the most important light skills for piano teachers. Learning the play of piano is a durable process and not the easiest one, so, piano teachers should be as tactful as it is possible and find the individual tongue of each student.


Can I Teach Piano Without a Degree?

Yes, you can. However, the area of your potential students will be too small. Many people may count you as an unreliable teacher without a degree or learn piano course.

What’s more, most music, private and other instrument schools at minimum don’t reveal the resumes of candidates without experience in music college or university, even if they occasionally participate in competitions.

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Nonetheless, if you had any piano experience and are good at playing the piano, you can try to find some students among your friends or other related areas and then pass the extra courses.

If you have a very rich experience and base of knowledge to play and teach the piano, you can also pass the exams, which will support you with the certification of your deep acquaintance in playing the piano.

How Well Do I Have To Be At Piano To Teach?

You have to be aware of over 70% of the nuances in playing the piano to become a good and trustworthy piano teacher.

Can I Make A Living Teaching Piano?

Yes, you can. From my personal life: I have earned on my apartments teaching the piano intensively around the year. So if I did, you will do it too!

how to improvise on piano

Final Words

In this post, we revealed the topic of how to become a piano teacher. So, to become a piano teacher you need a rich base of knowledge and a degree is desirable too. The piano teacher degree wides the frames in the niche of piano teaching.

Also, remember that the profession of the piano teacher is very responsible and contains lots of requirements. I already mentioned that teachers should organize their lessons by making the curriculum.

If you feel that the student isn’t satisfied and interested, you should change the repertoire program and another language of communication. I believe in your strength and wish you luck and success in piano teaching!

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