How To Learn Piano Without A Piano?

Learning a musical instrument isn’t the easiest deal, especially when we talk about the piano. Most people, who adore the piano sound have thought to study & performing with a pianola. However, most of them also aren’t sure if they would like this activity, so, they guess on a question how to learn the piano without a piano.

How to Learn Piano Without a Piano

How To Learn Piano Without A Piano?

Buying a piano isn’t a cheap pleasure. And there is no word about the cost of tunning and other servicing. It is a good idea to decide that you can play piano from practice without buying it. In this post, we are going to reveal and learn how to play the piano without a piano.

So, follow the reading and perform the chords away from the piano!

5 Ways: How To Learn Piano Without Having A Piano

Surfing the internet, you may find a lot of ideas to learn a piano away having a real one. We propose 5 of the most affordable and efficient ways:

  1. Learn to play piano without a piano using a keyboard.
  2. Practice on the piano mats.
  3. Use computer alternatives (like phones and downloading apps) to learn to play the piano.
  4. Try QWERTY practicing.
  5. Just developed finger coordination making the special exercises.

Let’s uncover each method in detail and study piano playing efficiently without having actual piano right below!

Use The Portable Keyboard

Is keeping an actual piano isn’t a suitable option because of the price, unconfidence in your playing abilities, place, and other criteria? So, the alternative for you is a practice on a keyboard.

Use The Portable Keyboard

The retention of the piano isn’t cheap and reasonable, especially if you are a complete beginner. Therefore, the keyboard is your option! You can find a great keyword in a democratic price category and have fun and profit during the lectures.

Such instrument is presented in various scales, and some models even have 88 keys exactly like traditional pianos. In the 21st century, every piano player and even professional master of piano performance changed the traditional piano on a computerized keyboard & synthesizer.

Such models don’t give up the quality of rhythm, sound, and press qualities to classical piano keys. So, it’s a perfect and the most efficient way to learn piano without a piano and even record your own songs and compositions.

Practice On Piano Mats

If you don’t find computerized keyboards affordable or don’t intend to practice lessons with such, it’s a good idea to consider piano mats. This is the most suitable device for people, who only become familiar with playing the piano because you wouldn’t have to pay a lot on to buy it or take tunning & other services.

Practice On Piano Mats

However, this device is inappropriate for potential professional pianists. First of all, piano mats have a limited range of options. You will just hear the played melody and play the basic chords with it. Nonetheless, playing it, you won’t feel the output from the hand and mechanism of keys because there are no weighted keys.

So, it is just a waste of money if you are sure and intend to become a professional pianist. You can play a simple song and melody like “Canon” with it, nevertheless, it wouldn’t be the best practice for your fingers.

Play In Phone Or Tablet Apps

If you didn’t like the piano mats and computerized keyboard options, you should consider apps. Commonly, these items are free and just require installation on your, preferably mobile, device.

Play In Phone Or Tablet Apps

Just download the program of the digital piano on your smartphone or tablet and have joy and pass the time profitably. With such innovation, you can practice a musical instrument whether you are: at home or in public transport. Just use the headphones to isolate the sound and make sure in stable internet.

Most students prefer to start with the online course on playing computerized pianos. Just find a site with learning tutorials and enjoy the journey to the piano key world! However, there is the same rub as the mats have: you won’t feel the mechanism because there are no weighted keys.

Despite this aspect, it is a decent competitor because such pianos don’t require any investments and give clues in rhythm & notes.

About The Usage Of QWERTY Piano

The fourth device we present to your attention is a QWERTY piano! You might be surprised but this way to learn how to play pianola is a subtype of the previous one. The difference of this piano playing is a completely online concept that doesn’t require any downloading and allows you to make music on the keyboard of your PC or laptop.

About The Usage Of QWERTY Piano

All seven notes are integrated into the QWERTY keys of the computer keyboard. Sure, such pianos don’t support 88 keys, however, their quantity is enough to make a middle C major cord by the right hand and minor by the left hand.

This is a good chance to practice the composing of notes and ear playing, however, it doesn’t impact the motority of fingers on your right hand & left hand because it is impossible to accommodate your hands and fingers for the 88 keys of a traditional piano with QWERTY keys.

Try To Have Some Finger Exercises

And the icing on top of this keyboard range of ways how to learn piano without a piano is the practicing of the finger exercises. You could hear about a special exercise to improve finger coordination, which is very important in learning how to play music by pressing a special key with a corresponding finger.

Try To Have Some Finger

There is an extensive range of options for the left hand and right hand to advance the coordination of the fingers on a keyboard. You can practice note-playing anywhere. This methodology will definitely transform you into a master of note music without any investments!

To try the most primitive way of learning piano keys, just bring an A4 sheet of paper and draw the keys from A to G with your hand. Then, find the sheets and imagine that you are playing on a real piano. This is an excellent way to practice note coordination.

Yes, there are no weighted keys, however, this requirement is unnecessary when it comes to the accommodation of the keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the rubric of the most frequently asked questions from the topic “learn how to play piano away from it”. We supported you with brief and sophisticated questions. You can find more detailed information by exploring this post carefully again.

Can I Learn The Piano Without Having A Piano?

Yes, you can. If you want to learn this instrument and don’t own a keyboard or a traditional piano, you should look for some alternatives. First of all, you can visit the musical school and rent the services of a piano teacher, that will support you with a normal keyboard.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend a lot, you could experiment with:

  • Computerized keyboard (synthesizer).
  • Online keyboard and keyboard apps for mobile devices.
  • Practicing with QWERTY on your PC or laptop.
  • Finger paper trannings.

Do I Need A Piano At Home To Learn?

No, you do not. If you want to study how to play keyboards on your own, you can start your experience with digital ones or piano mats. However, if you plan to make music professionally, you should feel the keyboard and buy a piano with traditional piano keys. If you are only interested in studying this discipline and don’t want to compose music and visit the music school, it’s enough to hang out with the other options the keyboard.

Is It Okey To Learn Playing The Piano On A Keyboard?

Yes, it is. Most specialists ensure that traditional pianos are from the last century and are used solely for great performances. Nowadays, it is much more useful and comfortable to learn the piano using computerized keyboards. You can also take models with the recording option (its cost is a bit higher) and work on your gaps by listening to the record of your piano playing.

Can I Learn To Play Pianola On My Own?

Yes, you can! From the first lessons, it may seem like something impossible, however, just be more determined and you will achieve the goal! The main criterion of studying on your own is confidence in skills and knowledge!

How To Learn To Play The Piano Without Having A Piano: Final Thoughts

So, as you can see there are effective additional options, which are useful for piano beginners, who don’t want to buy an expensive instrument. The most win-win are computerized keyboards because you can keep using them at more advanced ages. Just be determined and all the dreams of a future great pianist will become true!

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