How to move a piano in a pickup truck?

How to move a piano in a pickup truck?
How to move a piano in a pickup truck?

You are probably thinking there is no way you can move a piano in a pickup truck yourself and have to refer to a moving company. Well, professional piano movers will probably do it faster as it is their job, but you also can do it. The most important part is knowing the main rules and following them to the dot. Then, even with it being challenging, it all can still be done.

A piano is quite an expensive musical instrument. Its performance fully depends on its working conditions. Anything can happen during the moving process. To ensure everything runs smoothly, in this article, we will discuss all the main points you have to consider, so you know how to move a piano in a pickup truck successfully.

How to move a piano in a pickup truck: Things you need to know

A piano is a very heavy musical instrument. Transporting it in a pickup truck isn’t the best idea. Professional movers have all the necessary equipment and the appropriate vehicle, so everything goes well, and your upright piano doesn’t get damaged in transit.

If you have decided to move a piano in a pickup truck, follow the instructions below to make sure the whole process is smooth and safe.

1. Planning the route

Prior to moving the grand piano on your own, you have to plan everything ahead. That includes checking all the measurements along the way in your house.

If you rent an apartment on a high floor, you will have to investigate the doorways, the elevator door size, and the stairs in your building in order to avoid damage to the grand piano. It will help you to make sure it is possible to move a piano downstairs safely.

Take the measuring tape and start by checking the dimensions of your grand piano. Then walk through the planned route and measure the narrow spots along the way.

That is what the professional movers start with before they can give you an estimate price on moving the upright piano.

How to move a piano in a pickup truck: Things you need to know

2. Finding the correct materials

Preparing the right materials for moving the piano is also important. Start with finding a few blankets cushioning the piano. Moving blankets are required for the baby grand piano as well.

They will protect the surface of your piano, and you won’t get it scratched. If you don’t have a special blanket, don’t worry. You can use standard blankets to cover your piano.

Even towels will be sufficient, as long as you secure them on the piano with the tape. There is also an option to rent the moving blankets from the U Haul, for example.

Such stores offer the renting of dollies as well, which you will also need. Most pianos are quite large, ensure you get the correct size blankets, so they cover them fully.

3. Preparing the actual piano for moving

3. Preparing the actual piano for moving

Now it is time to sort out the actual piano and prepare it for moving to its new location. The piano lid has to be closed. Secure it with sticky tape to ensure it will not open during the moving trip.

There is nothing worse if it opens while you carry a piano out of the room. The lid of the baby grand piano will have to be taken off. You have to move it separately.

Remember to cover it with blankets as well to avoid damages in transit. All the screws and hinges must be put in a plastic bag, so you don’t lose them.

Start wrapping the piano board into the furniture pads you have prepared. Double-check that they are secured tightly and won’t fall off during the piano move, regardless of whether it is a short distance or a long one.

The parts of the piano that stick out the most, such as the keyboard, must get better protection. Use a couple of furniture pads in such areas.

4. Loading the piano into a moving truck

Once you have successfully brought the piano downstairs, it is time to lift it into a pickup truck. Place the piano onto the piano board and secure it with moving straps.

It is important to have enough hands to help you with everything to avoid injury. The heavy lifting will require you to have special protective gear.

When you lift the piano, ensure it is positioned straight, without putting excess pressure on the piano legs. The legs are not very strong and will just snap.

If you can, it is better to unscrew the legs before you move a piano. Once you lifted the piano onto the piano board and secured it with the lifting straps, move to the next step.

4. Loading the piano into a moving truck

5. Placing it onto the dolly

Assuming that you have a dolly or have rented it for the moving piano process, it is time you slide the dolly under the piano. As it has four wheels, ensure you place the piano right in the middle.

If you can rent a large dolly with inflatable wheels, that will be very helpful. Some dollies even have the ability to turn into a cart, so it is easy for you to maneuver.

Ensure the piano is secured on top of the dolly because it is important for lifting heavy items. The piano must be in an upright position at all times. If you put it on its side or back, it will result in the working mechanism not functioning as it is supposed.

The average weight of the piano is about 150 pounds. You will need at least two men involved to help you with everything. Ask your friends to help you, so you can save money on moving the piano.

Using the plywood ramp will help a dolly move the piano over the mini stairs.

6. Having enough people to deal with loading

The more people you have to help you, the easier the whole process will be. Ask your friends to participate in moving the piano and organize a BBQ dinner afterward to thank them.

If you are unable to find guys that can help you hire a professional moving team that will have enough people and will come with all the equipment and a pickup truck.

It will be helpful if someone, who isn’t carrying the piano, will be observing the entire way and warning the team about the most tricky parts of the whole route. That will help to transport the piano safely.

7. Loading the piano into a moving truck

7. Loading the piano into a moving truck

The final step is to lift the piano into the pickup truck bed. Ensure the truck bed also has some protection to cushion the piano and protect it from damage.

You can use the lifting straps or the dolly itself. Someone must be inside the truck bed, and the other person will be navigating the piano into the truck from the ground.

The ramp for the dolly will be required. Place it on the edge of the truck and cart the trolley onto the truck bed. Everything you had to detach such as the piano’s legs, a lid, and the screws with hinges will be placed into the truck separately.

Once you lift the piano into the truck bed, you have to secure it with the straps, so it is not moving in transit. If you have other items of furniture you are transporting as well, make sure they go into the truck bed last. That way you will protect the piano because you will be able to place them in a way, so they don’t touch the piano.

Moving the piano isn’t simple, but by knowing the correct procedure of how to move a piano in a pickup truck, you will be able to handle it on your own without having to hire a professional moving team.

After transportation, an acoustic piano requires tuning. You can find out more about how to set up a piano and how much it costs in our article.

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Will a piano fit in a pickup truck?

You will be able to load a piano into a pickup truck. The most important thing is the way you are going to do that. Use a lot of cushioning to protect the piano in transit. Leave the piano to sit at your new place for a while and then you can call a professional to adjust the tune.

How do you move an upright piano in pickup?

You have to be extra careful and measure every narrow spot along the route, the size of the stairs and the doorways in the wall are involved as well. The piano’s weight is heavy, so you need a couple of guys to carry the instrument and load it into a vehicle using a plywood ramp. Just like with furniture, the piano will have to be protected with blankets rented at the special store.

How to move a piano in a pickup truck?

Can you lay a piano on its back to transport?

Never lay pianos on the back or the side, it can affect the way they perform. Always hold them upright.

How do you secure a piano in a moving truck?

Pianos’ weight is heavy, you will require straps to attach it to the vehicle’s bed and secure it firmly. Expect to use a few straps for the furniture you transport with the piano as well.


Now you know how to move a piano in a pickup truck. If you decide to act on your own, you will need to build a team from your friends and family members. Prepare all the necessary materials such as a lift gate, a piano board, lots of different straps to hold the piano in place, and lots of cushioning material to protect the piano until you deliver it to the new location. Everything can be rented at the special store.

Pianos are heavy musical instruments. Ensure you have enough people helping you to take it out of the house and load it into the truck. Of course, it is easier to hire a team of professionals, but it will cost you a substantial amount of money.

If this article was helpful, please share it with your friends who are also going to be moving pianos soon. If you still have questions left, you can write them in the comment section underneath the article.

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