LAGRIMA Piano Review – Console Digital Piano For Beginners

Today we will talk about LAGRIMA. I’m assuming you were looking for a cheap digital piano and that’s how you found Lagrima. If you are thinking about buying a piano from this brand, you will be interested to know about its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

LAGRIMA Piano Review

This brand really turned out to be the best option if you are looking for an inexpensive musical instrument.

You have no doubt already noticed that at first glance they seem amazing and that the features they offer seem comparable to those of more expensive competing companies. And at the same time, their cost is much less!

Let’s take a closer look at this piano in out Lagrima piano review!

LAGRIMA Digital Piano Review

Lagrima is a Chinese brand that produces a variety of electronics and household products, including a wide range of musical instruments. Among them, you can find digital pianos and keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, percussion instruments, violins, etc.

Among the pianos of the Lagrima brand, it is worth highlighting 2 popular digital piano models. The simpler and cheaper modelLAGRIMA LAG-800is less suitable for serious piano practice, as it does not have a weighted keyboard.


The second model – LAGRIMA LG-8813 – is a little more expensive, but it already has a fully weighted hammer action keyboard, which is very important for pianists. It is this model that we will talk about in more detail.


LAGRIMA Digital Piano Review – Specifications

  • Type – Console digital piano
  • Keyboard – 88 fully-weighted keys
  • Action – Graded Hammer Standard
  • Touch Sensitivity – Can be turned on or off
  • Pedals – 3 Pedal System (Soft/Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal)
  • Demo – 80 Demo Songs
  • Polyphony – 64 notes
  • Rhythms – 200 Rhythms
  • Sound – Multiple instrument sound, Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Tones – 960 Tones
  • USB port/MIDI terminal – Connects to computer and mobile device
  • Multi-Function – Dual Mode/Tone, Recording, Metronome, Transpose
  • Dual Headphone Jacks
  • LCD Screen

What’s Included With The Lagrima Digital Piano?

What's Included With The Lagrima Digital Piano?

Let’s take a closer look at the most important features of this beautiful and affordable digital piano.

This digital piano is designed for learning, for beginner students. The piano has a full-size 88-key keyboard. All keys are touch-sensitive – the softer you press the key, the quieter the sound will be; the stronger the touch, the louder the sound.

Also, the keyboard has a great action – graded hammer standard. The feel of hammer action keys with touch sensitivity is very close to that of an acoustic piano.

3-Pedal Board

One of the most important functions for learning to play the piano is the pedal. There are 3 pedals in an acoustic piano – in this article, you can learn more about how to use piano pedals.

3-Pedal Board

The Lagrima digital piano has all 3 pedals, just like an acoustic piano. The most important of these is the right pedal or damper pedal (sustain pedal). We begin to learn how to use it in the first piano lessons. The other two pedals (soft pedal and sostenuto pedal) will be required for more advanced players.

Tones and Rhythms

The Lagrima piano has a beautiful clear traditional piano sound. The piano uses good built-in stereo speakers, and if you want not to disturb others, you can connect headphones.

This digital piano has a huge number of sounds – 960 Tones! So you don’t have to limit yourself to just the sound of the grand piano, but you can also use different sounds for different compositions – violins, organs, wind instruments, etc.

Tones and Rhythms

Lagrima digital piano has 64-note polyphony. This is good enough for beginner students, but can be limiting at more advanced levels or if you want to compose complex midi compositions.

Why do you need polyphony in a digital piano? You will find a detailed explanation in this article.

Lagrima digital piano has 200 built-in rhythms that you can use as an accompaniment to various musical compositions.

This digital piano also has 80 built-in demo songs. You can listen to beautiful music for enjoyment or use it for learning. For example, you can download sheet music for a piano piece, learn it, and try playing along with the demo.


The traditional mechanical metronome has long been used for piano practice and for checking rhythm.

Like most digital pianos, the Lagrima has a built-in metronome, which is very convenient.

Using the preset beats, you can add a rock or samba beat to your playing for a bit of variety, just make sure you play right on the beat!


If you want to know how to properly use this device for your daily piano practice – read the article “How to use a metronome for piano practice”.

If you like traditional metronomes, check out our Top-10 best models!

Lagrima Digital Piano Manual

Since the Lagrima LG-8813 is not a portable keyboard, but a console digital piano, you will need to assemble it after purchase. It’s not difficult at all, and an easy short manual with assembly instructions can help you with this.

Pros & Cons of the LAGRIMA Digital Piano

Lagrima Digital Piano – FAQs

Lagrima Digital Piano

Is Lagrima a good brand?

Lagrima pianos are not considered the best in the piano industry. However, they are a less expensive option compared to popular brands such as Yamaha or Roland. However, Lagrima creates enough high-quality goods, given the low cost for the consumer. Lagrima is a best seller in many musical instrument stores.

Which piano is best for beginners?

The Lagrima digital piano is a great option for beginner students. It has weighted keys with touch sensitivity, a full-size keyboard, all the features for learning, and a nice price. The beautiful design and 3-pedal unit will give the impression of a real acoustic piano. Other great options for beginning pianists are the Yamaha P45, Yamaha P71, and Roland FP-10.

Who is the Lagrima digital piano most suitable for?

First, it’s an excellent choice for beginner pianists, especially kids who are just starting their first music lessons.

Secondly, the Lagrima piano is a great choice for amateurs for whom playing the piano is a pleasant hobby.

Lagrima digital piano has a compact size. It is also a great choice for those who want a piano that looks like an acoustic piano but takes up less space.

In addition, this piano has a very nice price. This is a good option if you are looking for a quality musical instrument at a low price.

Digital Piano Alternatives

If you are not sure if you want to buy this piano, I suggest you consider some alternatives.

Perhaps the main alternative is the wonderful pianos from the Japanese brand Yamaha – P45 and P71. These 2 digital keyboards are almost identical.

Yamaha P45 has an 88-key weighted keyboard. This piano has Yamaha’s famous graded hammer standard action and the beautiful sound of a real piano. It also has all the features (modes, polyphony, many rhythms and voices, demo songs, etc) that can be useful in the early stages of learning to play the piano. And this piano has a very nice price!

Here you can find a complete review of the Yamaha P45 88-key digital piano.

If you are looking for a piano for a more advanced level, I recommend that you pay attention to the Yamaha P125. This 88-key digital piano has significantly more features than the P45 and is suitable not only for beginner students but also for pianists with more playing experience.

With samples from the famous Yamaha CFIIIS 9′ Concert Grand Yamaha P125 sounds like the best acoustic piano!

In this article, you will find detailed information about the Yamaha P125 piano.


If you don’t have a big budget to buy but want to know all the best options – check out our 10 best pianos for under 500$.

If you want to consider more expensive options, I suggest you read our reviews:

  1. Yamaha digital piano comparison chart.
  2. Best pianos under 1000$.

Additional Accessories For Lagrima Digital Piano

You could already make sure that the set with the Lagrima piano has everything you need for music lessons. However, there are still some accessories that can be purchased additionally. The most important accessories include piano benches, stickers, and lamps.

Piano Benches

Proper seating at a musical instrument is very important. It affects not only your appearance on the stage, but also your piano technique, your freedom in playing, and how quickly you get tired during music lessons.

Therefore, it is highly recommended not to use ordinary stools or office chairs for lessons. The piano bench will provide you with the right seating comfort and convenience.

Many benches are height adjustable and have internal storage for sheet music.

Whether you play digital or acoustic piano, you need to know how high your bench should be. And if you want to choose the best bench for you, check out our Top 10.

Piano Stickers

In the first lessons, many find it very difficult to remember the names of notes and their location on the keyboard. Fortunately, there are special stickers for this, which will help you memorize all the notes on the 88-key digital piano keyboard faster.

How to use stickers correctly? You will find a detailed guide in our article.

Piano Lamps

What do you think lamps have to do with piano playing? In fact, good lighting is very important. It helps us stay focused longer, read sheet music easier, and preserve our eyesight.

If you like to play in the evening, pay attention to the lighting in your room. It is very important that the light does not fall from behind and that there is no shadow on the keyboard and on the sheet music. If you find that the lighting in your room is not good enough, get a special lamp that can be placed on top of a traditional piano or attached directly to the music desk.

In our article, you will find detailed descriptions of the best models and you can choose the lamp that is perfect for you.

Lagrima Piano Review – Conclusion

Here we have come to the end of our article. Once again, I want to conclude that Lagrima is an excellent piano for amateurs and children at a nice price.

This 88-key digital piano has many necessary features – weighted keys, demo songs, rhythms, 3 pedals, recording, MIDI connection, etc. The piano has a good sound, which is very close in sound to acoustic pianos.

Good grand piano sound, 88 keys, 3 pedals, full size – all this makes this hammer action digital piano a great option for those who decide to learn piano.

And while the best option for professional pianists is the acoustic piano, I think the Lagrima piano is a great option to start your musical journey!

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