Piano Teaching: How To Teach Piano To Kids

The capability to play piano is more than just a hobby. First of all, it is a skill, which develops motor capabilities, analytic type of thinking, and even math! Therefore, most families desire their children to make their best and improve their competencies to become unique. That`s why lots of children start visiting piano lessons.

how to teach piano to kids

Piano Teaching: How To Teach Piano To Kids

The question is: is it better to visit music lessons at school or home, or online? In this article, I will discover what type of lesson is better and supply you with some tips for the theory of fun but productive teaching piano at home.

So, follow the reading of this post if you are interested in revealing this question, finding useful tips, and making each lesson fun!

Piano Teaching At Home

First of all, take a deep breath because home studying and teaching are not easy. Be ready, that during the first lessons students may push you. However, it’s typical for such young pianists, and with the passing of time, they will stop doing it.

how to teach piano to kids

Secondly, to make the lesson at home 100% efficient you must develop a curriculum plan. Usually, such plans you can find in the different books for teaching piano and other textbooks of this niche.

Thirdly, remember the usage of theories (for instance, Princess P. or virtuosos). It helps to develop the opportunity to switch from piano to another musical instrument in the future.

best age to start piano lessons

And finally, select regular hours a few times a week to practice piano skills. Remember, that getting the metronome is essential as well as writing down all the assignments in a notebook. Sometimes it will be useful to get a second deep breath and perform in a duet of students and teachers.

What Does The Piano Lesson At Home Look Like?

The traditional piano lessons at home include:

  • 1-2 minute dialogue about the general and non-piano lessons.
  • Homework check: quick asking of theory and asking about the difficulties.
  • Warm-up (for advanced kids piano players: the usage of triangles and scales too).
  • Composing or playing the composition with the corrections.
  • Studying new techniques of the piano.
  • Learning and performing new compositions.
  • Reviewing and basing new concepts.
  • Final minutes: ear training, learning new chords, note studying, rhythm feeling or making improvisation.

Prepare The Teaching Materials

The piano lessons at home require extra preparation for the meeting with students. You need to prepare the plan, and materials and make the student interested in piano lessons even outside of the school conditions. How to prepare the teaching piano materials and what will you need? Meet the tips and answers to this question below!

The Best Piano Books To Use

Take into account, that after or even before the first lesson the child’s family will ask you if they should buy any additional literature. So, you should be aware of the best textbook recommendations and give the idea to buy it.

piano book

Books are very useful in curriculum composing. Among the most win-win items, I would like to point out the Alfred series and the Piano Adventure Series. It’s a brilliant idea to use the textbook and the theory book in a combo. It’s also a nice idea to monitor the internet resources and the piano teacher blogs. The second type of book makes colossal progress during the lessons.

You should also ask a young student about his experience playing the piano. Maybe he or she is already able to enact and is used to working with some books.

Usually, piano books are developed like modules and orientated on different levels. So, maybe you should continue the series of it and learn to play piano studying them.


Most piano teachers prefer to use whiteboards in their lessons. It’s really helpful if you want to widen and diversify the plethora of activities. The digital board allows for practicing notes, studying note names, feeling the keys, and improving singing.

white board

The improved classroom always fixes the whiteboards on along the full square of the wall. It makes the space wider and more multifunctional. Remember about the block of erasers and the usage of highlighters.

board for piano

Rhythms Instruments

Another device that people also recommend integrating into lessons is the rhythm instrument (for example sticks). Such tools efficiently impact the student’s playing, feeling rhythms, and having fun at the same moment.

rhythm instruments

Bells are adored by kids, as well as colored sticks. The first one will be perfect for teaching the classes, who consist of a group of people (it’s not as loud as the sticks and is a bit easier on the anatomy of the ear).

Magnetic Staff

Another type of material that I recommend using is the magnetic staff. The usage of such things makes beginners interested in lessons as well as adults. Magnetic staff is very versatile in usage, therefore, it’s utilized for remembering notes, intervals, scales, chords, etc.

magnetic board

Some people, who teach piano compare magnetic staff to the whiteboard because of its usefulness. However, the first one is much more multifunctional and mobile. It will apply to piano teachers as well as students!

Top Printable Games To Teach Piano At Home

You can find some fun and printable games surfing the internet pages. It starts with flashcards and ends with special worksheets. There are lots of printable theory games on Pinterest. Also, some websites for teaching piano lessons or apps from PlayMarket or App Store may propose you some other items.


More Info On Teaching Children Piano:

Teaching the kid to play piano at home may sometimes appeal to enough problematic aspects. Also, among the families and teachers, I could point out the most frequently asked questions. So, follow the reading to find answers to your possible questions and meet the FAQ right below!

What Age Should A Child Start Learning Piano Lessons?

The specialists, teachers, and aced piano players point out that there isn`t any the best age to start learning the piano. As soon as the kid has developed motor skills, the size of the hand and fingers are comfortable for operating the keys, the young pianist is ready to start learning the piano to play!

teaching to kids

The experience and anatomy facts show that the best age to learn the piano is 6-9 years old. Older kids will also have an easier time learning to play the piano. To one-year-old or 3 years old students you can explore the basic concepts and practice the piano.

Explore the keyboard together, try to feel the rhythm, and just have fun. It’s also a nice idea to listen to piano music and study piano history. The first step for a child could also be playing some chords.

Can You Teach Your Own Kid Piano?

Some people find this experience helpful and fruitful and others think that it looks like nonsense! The prices of an hour of offline and online piano lessons increased rapidly, so, many parents are considering teaching their children on their own for free.

how to teach piano to kids

Some teachers are sure, that it`s irrational to learn your own children to teach playing songs because of less discipline during the lesson and an informal atmosphere. However, the practice shows that children, who were taught by parents are free and more creative in making songs.

Some parents assure, us that it’s bliss to teach your kid. Such lessons have a mouthwatering vibe and help to develop the relationships between parent & kid to make the love stronger!

How Do I Teach My 5 Years Old Kid Piano?

I remember how after one juicy play I decided to relax and play the piano. It was a cozy winter afternoon and my child came to me and asked: “Mom, how do you do that?”. I specified: “Do what?”. He stated that he adores my play on the piano and wants to learn it too.

How Do I Teach My 5 Years Old Kid Piano

First of all, I explored the keyboard together and I demonstrated to him some typical key chords. The son played it after me making his improvisation. Such pleasant sounds could encourage me and give me the idea to play together twice a week.

Now, my son is 8, I am still teaching him. Each year he is visiting the competitions to get prize-winning places.

Should Parents Come To Lessons?

Many parents are interested in the question should they come to piano lessons or not. This is a very controversial topic and I think that beginner in the piano niche shouldn’t let outsiders visit their lessons. It may make the kid confused and unfocused during the sesh.

piano lessons

Therefore, if the parents would like to see the progress and feel proud of their blood, they could go with him or her to competitions (it also provided the kid the best support ever). Nonetheless, the unique case when the parents could come to the session is the introducing lesson.


In this post, I revealed the topic of piano teaching at home, provided examples from my private life, and how I taught piano to my children. You must always remember the basic discipline of the lessons and develop a plan and strategy for teaching kids.

Printable games, textbooks, and online games in combination with digital innovations make the young student interested and motivated. Remember, that even from the first-year-old kids can start learning the piano and there are no limitations. Follow the tips mentioned here and you will make the home lessons lucrative and full of fun!

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