The One Smart Piano Review: Smart Keyboard For Beginners

It’s hard to find anyone in the piano community who doesn’t care about the ONE Smart digital piano. This interactive smart piano almost eliminates the need for a piano instructor with dedicated, integrated software allowing beginners to use the features to develop their skills over time.

The One Smart Piano Review: Smart Keyboard For Beginners

The One Smart Piano Review: Smart Keyboard For Beginners

Although it was designed with novices in mind, this piano has a number of functions that experts could find useful. Even if you have years of piano experience, the integrated app can keep you organized and enhance your piano lessons in ways you never imagined.

I’m a big believer in technology, so it’s great to see this piano has cutting-edge technology capabilities. But you should understand that smart piano is not a necessity for every beginner student, I am sure that all beginners can play any piano and show their true level of skill without the support of interactive lights and useful apps.

Overview of The ONE Smart Piano

Software and hardware work together to create ONE Smart Piano. This piano helps you learn piano, read music, and play your favorite songs. To help you play a song on the piano they offer, there are tiny indicators (small lights) built into the keyboard right above the keys that show which keys/notes to press.

You can easily use your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone to connect it to the One Smart Piano and use it as a screen for reading interactive sheet music. Install the free ONE Smart Piano App on your smartphone, then use the included connection to physically connect it to your piano or keyboard (USB to lightning and USB to micro-USB).

It’s a combination – a musical instrument, software and your smartphone or tablet make up a triple advantage! When you put them together, you’ll get great results to improve your piano practice.

Features of The ONE Smart Piano

03 Features of The ONE Smart Piano

  • Upright Home Piano
  • Full-size 88-key keyboard with lighted keys
  • Graded hammer action
  • Light system – 88 red and blue LED lights
  • 16-bit stereo sampling techniques
  • 426 timbres
  • More than 4000 sheet music
  • 100 instructional videos and games
  • Game mode
  • Built-in metronome
  • 4-Speaker System
  • 2 headphone jacks
  • Free One App for Android and Apple products
  • Three pedal set
  • 64-note polyphony
  • USB MIDI port
  • 4 built-in rhythms

Specifications of The ONE Smart Piano

What features does this piano have? First of all, the ONE has 3 foot pedals and a full-size graded hammer action keyboard with 88 weighted keys. Since this is an upright digital piano, it cannot be carried around, but it will fit perfectly and complement your interior design.

Of course, sound quality should be one of your top priorities when buying a digital piano. The great sound of the digital piano is produced using 16-bit stereo sampling and grand piano sound sample, ensuring the instrument’s high caliber sound. You may pick from 426 different timbres in the app as well.

Specifications of The ONE Smart Piano

The ONE Smart Piano has a polyphony of 64 notes, which is not as high as other digital pianos, but enough for beginners. After all, you’re not likely to play too many difficult or complex pieces if you’re a beginner.

The ONE piano has a built-in metronome, and the volume control on the piano hardware is also there but may be adjusted via the app.

The LED light function reminds me of a baby piano function. But at the same time, this function in the ONE piano is a little more secretive and more complex. It does not light up the entire key waiting for the player to press it, the indicators are located above each note of the piano.

The lights are visible at the top of the keys, and various hues represent various hands. The left hand is symbolized by blue lights, whereas the right hand is by red lights. If you pay attention and follow the lights, almost anybody can learn to play on this keyboard, dispelling the myth that learning to play piano is difficult.

The ONE Smart Piano App

The ONE Lite Keyboard’s software application for users is its true beating heart. The keyboard’s keys will light up to assist you while you play a song or complete an activity since the software is made to integrate smoothly with it.

This is carried out as a result of communication between the app and the keyboard. The keyboard notifies the app of the keys you really pressed, and the app responds to you by lighting up the keys.

You could now think that doing this would be counterproductive because, after all, you are meant to be learning both how to play the piano and how to read music. But this piano and the smart app will help you quickly develop your music-reading skills! The ONE keyboard and app let you learn to read sheet music and play real music at the same time.

So what the features can you find in a smart app?

  • Play songs with accompanying sheet music (some free song tutorials and many additional songs for in-app purchases).
  • Crash Course: Show you how to play a piano tune by going over each hand and section one at a time. To overcome the mental hurdle that many individuals have with playing notes with both hands at once, it is imperative to break a song into left-hand and right-hand sections.
  • Videos. There are 2 video selections in this area. There are more than 100 video courses (video lessons) that cover particular abilities and make use of the lighting keys. There are also films that play a particular song for you before showing you how to play it using the lights keys.
  • Games. Think of the piano equivalent of Guitar Hero. An extremely enjoyable method of learning the basics of playing the keyboard while playing real music.
  • Learning Tools. To access the app sidebar, choose any of the four parts from the app’s main page, then pick the “three horizontal lines” symbol in the top-left corner of the screen. The “Learning Tools” button may be found on the “My Account” page by clicking on it. You get some pretty fantastic extra learning resources from Learning Tools.
  • Ear Training plays the sound of a single note or a group of notes before asking you questions about what you have heard. This helps develop an ear for notes and chords, which is very helpful when playing with other musicians in an ensemble.
  • The Score Reading phase displays you with a set of notes that you must play on the actual keys after letting you select the Bass Clef, Treble Clef, or both from a customizable interface. This is a great approach to improve your ability to read sheet music.

Each of these features functions, and they each function quite well. But most crucially, there is a sufficient variation to prevent boredom. The ONE Smart Piano app has you covered whether you want to just play some music, play a game, or truly acquire every skill.

The Smart piano may be used as a speaker for any home entertainment system. The app puts everything in one location for download and purchase, eliminating the need to carry along sheet music books or search the internet for reliable copies. With three learning options—videos, sheet music, and games—this piano makes learning simple.

For example, consumers currently have access to over 100 video tutorials thanks to the Hoffman Academy. The video includes everything from teaching specific skills and songs to piano reviews.

The ONE Smart Piano Manual

You can view or download the User Manual for The ONE Smart Piano using the button below.

The ONE Smart Piano Manual

Who is ONE Smart Piano Most Suitable For?

This piano is specially designed for all beginning students who want to make their first piano lessons more interesting and fun. Lighted keys make it easy to learn your favorite songs from the first lesson, while games and learning materials make lessons fun and interesting.

I especially recommend this piano to children who find classical music lessons boring and repetitive. But based on my learning experience, I believe that no app can replace a good piano teacher.

But this piano is not just for beginners. Even advanced pianists will find many interesting and useful features to help make their practice more efficient. And the lighted keys will make playing your favorite pieces more exciting and inspiring!

Who is ONE Smart Piano Most Suitable For?

Is the ONE a good piano?

The ONE Smart piano is an excellent digital piano for a beginner; with the app and LED lighting, learning to play is quite simple. The app offers a selection of a few songs that are available for free; but, if you want more recent music, you will have to make an in-app payment.

What is the difference between the ONE TOP1 and TOP1X?

These are 2 versions of the same piano model of the ONE company. The ONE Piano TOP1X can produce richer sound and superior stereo effects than the TOP1 piano because it has a wider sound window and a larger speaker. TOP1X is a great option not only for beginner pianists but also for experienced musicians.

06 The One Smart Piano Review

What does the smart piano do?

The One Smart Piano is a digital piano that uses cutting-edge technology to make it possible for you to learn how to play the piano. You may learn to play the piano on this entertaining and educational instrument without the aid of an instructor. The ONE Smart keyboard with a free App via a link to your phone, tablet, or computer.

What is the most realistic-sounding digital piano?

I bring to your attention a list of the best digital pianos with a good sound, like an acoustic piano:
Kawai ES120
Roland RD-2000
Yamaha YDP-165
Roland FP30X

The One Smart Piano Review: Conclusion

In short, it is worth noting the features of the ONE smart piano – graded hammer action keyboard with 88 piano keys, the smart app with free content, videos – video lessons and games, virtual instructor, interactive sheet music, song tutorials, light system, ear training, headphone jack, etc. Unlike other keyboards, One Smart Piano makes learning piano easy and fun.

ONE Smart Piano will help you develop specific skills for learning to play the piano – reading sheet music, playing with two hands, rhythm, ear training, etc.

Because the ONE Smart Piano is a console upright piano, you don’t need to purchase an additional music stand, but I recommend that you get a good piano bench. In this article, you can find out how high a piano bench should be, and here you can choose the best option for you.

If you want to check other digital piano companies, I invite you to read our comparison charts. Here you can find many different digital pianos on any budget:

Learning piano is an exciting fun and creative process, and it can be anything but boring! I’m sure, that with this keyboard and an app, your daily piano practices will always be interesting and productive. With the help of your favorite songs, interesting videos, and games, you will learn the necessary skills and enjoy playing your favorite musical instrument.

If you have this keyboard, share your opinion in the comments. If you want to learn more about learning to play the piano, how to play different songs on the keyboard, and how to read bass and treble clef, I invite you to visit the “Learning” section of our website, where you will find many interesting topics. And if you want to find out more about other pianos and keyboards, check out our Digital piano reviews.

At the end of our article, I suggest you listen to how the ONE smart piano sounds! In a short video review, you will hear the wonderful sound of this keyboard and see how to use the app. Thank you for reading to the end!

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