Yamaha Digital Piano Comparison Chart: Top 10 Pianos

Yamaha is a famous brand of musical instruments. Extensive experience and developments in the field of acoustic grand pianos and pianos give them an edge over the competition, especially when it comes to sound quality.

yamaha digital piano - comparison chart

Yamaha Digital Piano Comparison Chart

Yamaha has a huge line of acoustic pianos and grand pianos that are also used to sample music for their digital counterparts. All pianos and keyboards of the brand are of high quality, reliability, and durability. However, you can find options for any budget!

Today we will compare the top 10 Yamaha digital pianos and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Yamaha Digital Piano Series

All Yamaha digital pianos are divided into three categories – Clavinova, Arius, and Portables.

Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.


The Clavinova is a first-class line of the finest pianos of the highest quality and standard. This musical instrument is suitable for professional use and will serve you for many years.

Clavinova Pianos are distinguished by high-quality sound and wide connectivity. This gives you the ability to use your smart device as a control panel, and use various music applications and programs. This series is very wide and is represented by a large number of pianos with different features and functions.

The Clavinova range includes both upright pianos and digital grand pianos.


The Arius line is a great option for those who want a compact digital piano that looks and feels like an acoustic piano. The number of buttons and knobs on this piano is kept to a minimum, and the basic sound control functions are built into real piano keys. These pianos also feature excellent sound quality.


These are portable digital pianos. They are perfect for those who value compactness and ease of transportation, as well as for beginners, who want to buy an inexpensive and high-quality musical instrument.

The line has a wide price range, from the budget P-45 to the rather expensive flagship P-515.

In our top 10, you will see piano options from all these lines and you will be able to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Top 10 Best Yamaha Digital Pianos 

Yamaha pianos are used by a wide variety of pianists, from beginners to professional players. Due to the very wide range, it is difficult for many to choose the right model for themselves, both in terms of money and in accordance with their level.

Trust me, among the wide variety of Yamaha digital pianos, you will definitely find the right one for you. And I hope my top 10 will help you with this.

We decided to collect the best models in the Yamaha digital piano comparison chart.

Yamaha Digital Piano Comparison Chart (Table)

1Yamaha P-125An excellent beginner Yamaha digital piano
2Yamaha P-45An excellent budget Yamaha digital piano
3Yamaha Piaggero NP-32The best budget option
4Yamaha Arius YDP-164The best piano under 2000$
5Yamaha Clavinova CLP-785The best piano for professional pianists
6Yamaha CP88 The best stage piano
7Yamaha DGX-670The best studio piano
8Yamaha PSR-EW310 76-KeyThe best portable keyboard
9Yamaha PSR E-363 61-KeyTouch-sensitive portable keyboard
10Yamaha Piaggero NP-12The best piano for kids 

1. Yamaha P-125 –  An excellent beginner Yamaha digital piano

yamaha p125 digital piano review

The P-125 is the ideal portable digital piano. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced levels. This piano features an 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard, 4 levels of velocity sensitivity, 192-note polyphony, 24 instrument tones, and extensive connectivity. Р-125 uses the Pure CF sound engine. It features a 4-level sample that reproduces the sound of the famous 9-foot CFIIIS concert grand piano.

The piano has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that will allow you to master all of its features with ease. Other features include a USB-MIDI connection, an FC5 footswitch (sustain pedal), and a “Sound Boost” function.

There is no stand included, so you can choose between a more durable furniture stand or a lightweight, portable X-shaped stand, very convenient for transport and for outdoor performances.

In this article, you can find a detailed analysis of this piano – Yamaha P-125 review.


2. Yamaha P-45 – An excellent budget Yamaha digital piano

P 45

This is another piano from the portable line. I think this is the best option if you are looking for an inexpensive budget piano.

This digital piano has a good sound (AWM stereo sampling), a keyboard with 88 hammer action keys that mimic the action of an acoustic piano, and has 4 levels of velocity sensitivity. Yamaha P45 has a DUO mode – the division of the keyboard into two parts with the same sound range.

The P 45 piano is lightweight and portable, making it an excellent choice for outdoor performances. It has many options for connecting external devices.

Yamaha P45, like more expensive models (for example, P-125), has a graded hammer action standard (GHS). This mechanism mimics the action of an acoustic piano keyboard – the keys are much heavier in the low range and much lighter in the high range. I think this is one of the best options for beginner pianists.


3. Yamaha Piaggero NP-32 – The best budget option

NP 32

Yamaha’s Piaggero series are smaller compact digital pianos. They do not have a full-size 88-key keyboard. The Piaggero NP-32 is a portable, affordable piano with a 76-key keyboard. Very light and compact, it is perfect for amateur street concerts. Such a piano is also suitable for home use, especially for beginners or if you have very little space in the room.

This digital piano has a good sound thanks to Advanced Wave Memory stereo sampling. It has a Graded Soft Touch action that provides a fairly realistic piano feel.

You can not connect the piano to electricity, but use 6 AA batteries to power the piano. This makes it even more suitable for street music.

This piano does not have a pedal, but you can use the FC3A half-damper control adapter.


4. Yamaha Arius YDP-164 – The best piano under 2000$ 

YDP 164

One of the best instruments in the Arius line is the YDP-164. This piano is quite expensive but fully justifies its price. The piano has two options for finishing the wooden stand: classic black or dark walnut, and a bench is also included.

This piano’s keyboard uses a more advanced weighted graded hammer action, the Graded Hammer 3 (GH3). The keys of Yamaha YDP-164 are made from synthetic ivory and feature three separate sensors in each key. These keys are more sensitive to touch and provide the full feel of an acoustic piano.

Yamaha YDP-164 has 192-voice polyphony and 10 preset sound timbres. The Damper Resonance (DSP) function simulates the acoustics inside a grand piano for a more realistic sound.

As with most Yamaha pianos, you can connect external devices via USB and use the Smart Pianist app.


5. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-785 – The best piano for professional pianists

CLP 785

The Clavinova CLP-785 is the finest piano in its lineup. This is the option that a professional or a pianist who wants to achieve a professional level and does not want to save on buying an instrument will choose.

This is the flagship model of the CLP Clavinova series, designed in the style of an upright piano. It features a full-size, balanced GrandTouch keyboard and best-in-class sound system. New Concert Grand Piano Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples are used for the sound of this piano.

Yamaha CLP-785 has 53 tones, including 4 historical piano tones: Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin.

Other features include:

  • Advanced VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling) technology,
  • Grand Expression Modeling Technology,
  • 88-key GrandTouch™ counterweighted keyboard with individual weight per key,
  • GP Response Damper Pedal,
  • State-of-the-art acoustic imaging technology,
  • Integrated Bluetooth® audio interface.


6. Yamaha CP88 – The best stage piano

CP 88

The Yamaha CP88 Digital Piano is a modern stage instrument that combines the realism of a piano sound with the power of a synthesizer. This piano is more suitable not for classical pianists, but for those who want to play modern music.

The piano features an 88-key NW-GH3 – triple-sensor hammer action (Natural Wood Graded Hammer 3) keyboard with faux ebony and ivory key covers.

The piano has 128 voice polyphony, 127 tones (of which 16 are pianos), and many sound effects. The sound on this piano is reproduced using the AWM2 tone generator.

The CP-88 is relatively light (41 lbs).


7. Yamaha DGX-670 – The best studio piano 

DGX 660

The DGX-670 is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an electric piano with more tones, recording, and sequencing features.

This digital piano uses the Pure CF sound engine to accurately reproduce acoustic piano sounds based on the CFIIIS grand piano. The keyboard has weighted keys and GHS action with a realistic feel.

The piano has 630 timbres of different voices! You can use them all to create your own music. There’s also a six-track voice recorder and even a microphone input for recording your singing. The piano has an LCD display for displaying notes and lyrics, and the ability to connect USB and external devices.

Another feature of this piano is the ability to stream via Wi-Fi to and from an iOS device. However, this requires an additional adapter, which is not included.


8 . Yamaha PSR-EW310 76-Key  – The best portable keyboard

PSR EW 310

This is a very good option for a Yamaha digital piano if you are on a tight budget. This piano is great for beginners or kids.

The keyboard has 76 keys, which allows you to play most piano pieces. The keyboard is pressure sensitive – the harder you press the keys, the louder the sound will be.

The piano has some learning functions – Keys to Success, Yamaha Education Suite, Chord Dictionary, Chord Study, Chord Progression, duo function, arpeggiator, etc., it is possible to connect the piano via USB to device or phone.

The keyboard music library has over 622 built-in sounds and 154 songs.


9. Yamaha PSR E-363 61-Key  – Portable touch-sensitive keyboard

PSR E363

The Yamaha PSR E-363 is a very affordable piano and is especially aimed at beginners (for entry-level students).

The keyboard has only 61 keys, which is not enough if you are a professional piano student. But, this option is quite suitable for beginners for the first time, and just for amateur music-making. Also, this model will interest those who are looking for a good keyboard at a low price.

The keyboard has a total of 67 keys. The keys are not fully weighted but are sensitive to pressure. Of course, it won’t feel like playing an acoustic piano at all. But the harder you press the key, the louder you get the sound. Agree, this is already very good for an inexpensive electric piano.

Just like the Yamaha PSR-EW310, this digital piano has all the learning features a beginner needs. So you can master the initial stage of playing the piano on your own, using all the features of the keyboard.

There is also the possibility of a USB connection.


10. Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 – Best piano for kids

Np 12

And the last Yamaha digital piano on our list is the Piaggero NP-12. This model also has a small keyboard with 76 keys. This is an excellent inexpensive option for children and beginner pianists. Of course, for an intermediate and advanced level, such a keyboard will no longer be enough.

This Yamaha digital keyboard is also very affordable, which may be of interest to amateur musicians looking to purchase an inexpensive but good musical instrument.

This piano has AWM Stereo Sampling – it’s the same system we see on some of Yamaha’s more expensive models.

This Yamaha keyboard is not only lightweight and portable. It can also work on batteries, which is great if you want to take your keyboard on the road or perform outdoors. The piano has 10 sounds and 20 preset songs.


Best Yamaha Digital Pianos – FAQ

yamaha piano

Which digital piano is closest to real piano?

If you are looking for a digital piano with the sound and feel of acoustic pianos as close as possible, I recommend that you look at the following models:

  1. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-785
  2. Yamaha Arius YDP-164
  3. Roland RD-2000
  4. Casio Privia PX-870
  5. Kawai KDP20

Is a Clavinova the same as a digital piano?

Yes, this is one of the Yamaha digital pianos. There are three lines in total – Clavinova, Arius, and Portable. CLP is Clavinova, YDP is Arius and P is Portable. Clavinova pianos are digital musical instruments that sound and feel like acoustic pianos.

What is the best Yamaha digital piano for classical music?

If you are a professional pianist, it is especially important for you to find the right digital keyboard for your daily practice. The following models are suitable for classical playing. From the P series – these are P-125 and P-45, Arius – Yamaha YDP-184 and YDP-164, and Clavinova – Yamaha CLP-785.

What is the best Yamaha digital piano for pop and jazz?

For jazz and pop music, the DGX-660 or the newer DGX-670 from Yamaha is ideal. These digital pianos give you a wide range of possibilities – a wide variety of sounds and sound effects – great for composing and recording pop, rock, or jazz compositions.

yamaha piano 1

What Yamaha digital piano is closest to a real acoustic piano?

If you’re looking to buy a Yamaha digital piano that sounds like an acoustic piano as possible, check out the Clavinova and Arius lines. They offer options for all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Among the Arius line, pay attention to Arius YDP-S54 or Arius YDP-164.

What to look for in a Yamaha Digital Piano?

Purchasing a musical instrument is usually quite a large financial investment and should be taken seriously. When choosing an instrument, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Polyphony (the more voices the better)
  2. Connectivity (USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc.)
  3. Keyboard action (is it fully weighted, what mechanism is used – GHS, GH3, etc.)
  4. Foot pedals (sustain pedal or pedal set)
  5. Number of voices/tones (how many different sounds are there on the keyboard)
  6. Sound Engine (pure cf sound engine, intelligent acoustic control – IAC)
  7. Rhythms (number of options for rhythmic accompaniment)
  8. Learning functions
  9. Smart Pianist App
  10. Speaker system

Best Yamaha Digital Pianos – Final Words

That concludes our comparison chart of the best digital pianos. There is a very wide range of digital pianos in stores now, and I know how difficult it can be to choose.

Finally, I want to give you a couple of tips:

  • Do not rush. Do not rush to buy the first keyboard you like.
  • Be sure to watch video reviews of the models you are interested in on YouTube, listen to how piano sounds, and find out what functions and features this model has.
  • Consider your level of study and your goals. For professional classical practice and for recording your own music, you need different instruments.
  • Talk to those who have been using your chosen model for a long time. You need to know how durable your keyboard is.
  • Choose trusted brands of digital pianos, and don’t buy unknown cheap models, it can be a waste of money.
  • Be sure to look for weighted keys or hammer action keys – these are important for learning to play the piano.

I hope you found my article about the best Yamaha digital pianos useful and it will be easier for you to make your choice of the ideal musical instrument for you.

Would you like to see other piano models? Read our article Top 10 Best Digital Pianos Under $1000.

I wish you inspiration and joy from music and creativity!

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